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PIANC Resolution 2005

PIANC for the Americas

Charleston, USA - 10. Mai 2005


Working together with other members of the international navigation community, the International Navigation Association, PIANC resolves to ensure that the world's water transportation system continues to be a vital link between all countries. In global cooperation, PIANC will strive to ensure that the water transportation system is capable of handling the growing volumes of cargo and passengers, while sustaining our natural resources for generations to come.

Global economic activity generates jobs, tax revenues, and opportunity for social stability. International agreements such as NAFTA that reduce barriers to trade have resulted in explosive economic growth throughout the Americas. In order to accommodate this surging demand in a highly competitive global marketplace, efficient, safe, environmentally sound and secure ports and waterway systems are essential.

The mission of PIANC is to advance, on a worldwide basis, the sustainable development of all kinds of navigation. For more than a century, PIANC has fostered a unique partnership between governments and the private sector. PIANC's combination of government, corporate, academic and private membership generates a synergy that contributes to the advancement of waterborne transport.


The PIANC at its Annual General Assembly held on May 10, 2005 in Charleston, South Carolina, hereby supports sustainable development through: