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PIANC Resolution 2006

Honouring the Past, Serving the Future

Estoril, Portugal - 12. Mai 2006

PIANC Adopts its Strategic Plan for 2006-2010

At its Annual General Assembly held on Friday, 12 May 2006, in Estoril, Portugal, PIANC adopted a new Strategic Plan for the period from 2006 to 2010. The Plan is concise and full of promise. It acknowledges the strong technical foundation that PIANC maintains through its Working Groups and proposes to make new, broader contributions to the global navigation sector in the 21st Century. The implementation of the Strategic Plan will enable PIANC to achieve the integration of engineering, economic, and environmental knowledge and technical guidance for the sustainable development and management of navigation, ports and waterways.

The navigation sector is potentially the most crucial component in the expansion of world trade and robust global economic development. Levels of trade between many nations have increased at double-digit rates since the end of last century. PR China and India are experiencing huge economic surges as enormous volumes of commercial merchandise and raw materials are shipped to and from their trading partners worldwide. The realization of the new Strategic Plan's goals will aid in this global economic development by assisting all maritime countries, and particularly Countries in Transition, to create sustainable navigation systems.

The future of global waterborne transportation depends upon the young professionals worldwide. The Strategic Plan promotes an active outreach to Young Professionals, and additionally to professionals from all related sectors. It empowers our members to contribute their knowledge and understanding of sustainable navigation to these people for their advancement and the advancement of their countries.

Hence PIANC seeks not only to build upon its proud past of technical expertise but also to engage the future through serving the world navigation community, particularly Countries in Transition and Young Professionals. It is through this new Plan that PIANC will continue to be the leading international source of navigation-related information in the 21st Century.