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PIANC Resolution 2008

For Growth, for Environment, and for a Better Future

Peking, China - 26. Mai 2008

With the significant growth in manufacturing and commerce within the PR of China, PIANC recognises that the development of China's waterways, both inland and coastal, are vital to China's and the Pacific Rim countries continuing growth in the world markets. The need to develop sustainable transport policies to overcome the environmental challenges created by Road Transport and Climate Change yet further enhances this role.

As the mission of PIANC is to advance on a worldwide basis the sustainable developments of all forms of waterborne transport, PIANC is able to assist navigation authorities and their engineers and operators to develop their skills and to benefit from worldwide best practice to continue to grow the use of this natural transport system.

The environmental benefits of waterborne transport are now far more widely recognised and valued. PIANC's worldwide experience is available to support sustainable waterways transport with active environmental stewardship. In fact, mitigation of past harm is becoming more common and whilst facilitating growth in transport and commerce with further environmental improvement.

For a better future, the experience gained elsewhere in the rapid application of modern technologies, such as River Information Systems (RIS) is readily available through PIANC. These and technologies aiming at building with nature allow 21st Century systems to be rapidly installed for the benefit of operators and Government agencies to fully support sustainable and efficient waterborne transport with enhanced security. The opportunities for PIANC Member States develop and manufacture associated navigation equipment suitable for use within an international market will not only assist navigation within China but also provide more readily available equipment for countries in transition worldwide.

Accordingly PIANC resolves to build on the success of this Annual General Assembly and the International Navigation Seminar to collaborate more closely with the Chinese navigation community and its engineering colleagues to share further their mutual expertise for the benefit of navigation in China and in Asia.