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PIANC Resolution 2009

Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change for Waterborne Transport

Helsinki, Finnland - 26. Mai 2009

With the impact of Climate Change now being further considered in the context of navigation in terms of inland waterways, coastal and deep sea shipping, it is evident that major steps need to be taken to deal with the challenges created.

From an inland navigation point of view, PIANC is actively considering the impact of climate change and examining how navigational infrastructure and operating criteria need to be modified to cope with more adverse conditions ranging from sudden floods to ever more severe droughts.

Within ports and their access channels, the implications of the sea level rise and also the possibility of increased sedimentation are being actively considered. More frequent and stronger storms are also challenges we are likely to face in the future.

In terms of deep sea navigation significant new opportunities are being created with the possibility of new routes around the Arctic, which may be beneficial in shortening journey times, reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to reduce global warming.

The use of new natural resources also generates opportunities.

Equally, the window of waterway availability over the winter period may be extended for the benefit of inland waterborne transport.

The 2009 AGA, being held in Helsinki, is an opportunity to build on the experience of our Baltic colleagues who are used to operating and providing a navigational service in such conditions. It will allow PIANC, as the leading world organisation in waterborne transport infrastructure, to "Set a New Course" to assist the development of these opportunities while taking major steps to make navigation even more environmentally sustainable.